Hayward Filter and Pumps at Clearwater Pool & Spa

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In addition to Hayward filters and pumps, we also install, service, and sell Pentair and Jandy equipment.

Filters and Pumps

Pump Functions
Your pool pump is responsible for circulating your water throughout your pool. It moves your water through your skimmers to your filter system, sanitizer, then back into your pool. In the hotter months of the summer, it is imperative that your pump runs for longer periods of time and as continuous as possible. This helps combat algae, and keeps your water crystal clear.

Filter Functions
Your pool filter is responsible for keeping your water clear and clean. Sand, diatomaceous earth, and cartridge are your filter media options. With a sand filter you only have to change the sand about every three years. With a Diatomaceous earth filter, you have to add D.E. powder every time you backwash. A cartridge filter is easy to disassemble and put back together. All different types of filters have their pro's and con's. It will come down to what is preferable to you.

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