Our Chemicals at Clearwater Pool & Spa

Competitively Priced!

We designed our own line of chemicals to give you higher concentrations of active ingredients at a lower price point.


We offer a complete line of pool and spa chemicals from major manufacturers, as well as our own private line that we developed. In most cases, we provide more active ingredients than our competitors as well as offer you a better price point!

Did you know we offer free delivery? It does not get any easier! Call the store, place your order and pay, then we will deliver your order to your front porch for FREE. No hidden costs or fees! CPS Home Delivery is currently available for customers within a 10-mile radius of the Bel Air store.

JB's Remedy
JB's Remedy

Before - at 12:30

JB's Remedy
JB's Remedy

After - at 3:30 with one brushing!

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