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Pool Services - Service Plans (Summer)

In-Season Pool ServicesWe offer a complete line of service options for your residential swimming pool needs. Clearwater Pool & Spa offers quality care and maintenance for your pool and spa custom fit to your summertime budget. We offer the services of pool openings and pool closings along with maintenance packages to take care of your summertime cleanings. There are 3 full service maintenance plan options to choose from, so you can let us do all of the work for you, pricing ranges from $1,100 to $2,350. All three service plans include a complete pool opening and a complete pool closing along with a range of visits throughout the summer from 4 visits to 18 visits depending on the plan you choose.

Super Weekly Visit Service $3,150
26 total visits (1 per week)

Weekly Visit Service $2,550
18 total visits (1 per week)

Bi-Weekly Visit Service $1,850
10 total visits (1 every other week))

Monthly Visit Service $1,250
4 total visits (1 per month))

Each service plan includes:

  • Complete Pool Opening
  • Complete Pool Closing
  • A specified number of visits throughout the summer in which Clearwater will:
    • Vacuum the entire pool
    • Skim the pools surface
    • Brush pool surface
    • Brush the waterline tiles
    • Backwash Filter
    • Ad D.E. to filter (if applies)
    • Clean Filter grids (cartridge filter)
    • Service skimmer baskets along with hair and leaf strainer
    • Test the water quality (pH and chlorine levels)
    • Shock pool
    • Apply preventative algaecide application
    • Rinse off surrounding pool deck
  • A 5% discount on any in store purchase
  • Discounted bulk per lb. pricing on any chemical used during each visit
  • A checklist will be provided at each visit detailing what services we did on the day of the visit

We here at Clearwater believe in friendly, personal service. No hassles, no worries, just clear water all season long.

Due to the variation in the number of visits some plans require you to add additional chemicals and cleanings as needed.


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