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Pool Services - Closing

Clearwater Pool and SpaThis year we have prepared a pamphlet to help our customers prepare for closing their pool. The link below contains useful information for scheduling your pool closing, preparing for our arrival to close your pool, and most importantly, caring for your pool after if it is closed.
Clearwater Pool Closings 2017

This is for In-Ground and Above-Ground Pools

Closing - $400

  • Winterizing of all lines (through the use of an air compressor)
  • All deck equipment removed
  • A final shock application (5 lbs.)
  • A final algaecide application (1 qt)
  • Filter disassembled, cleaned, and drained
  • Pump and motor disassembled and drained
  • Cover installed
  • Antifreeze and an expansion preventative added to the skimmers

All Clearwater asks of you is you have the cover, winterizing plugs, and water bags in an accessible location and the pools water level drained a few inches below the skimmers. There is a $45 additional charge if we have to drain your water.


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